My Experience



Software Freedom Day  on      17-9-2011


I submitted and shown a demo in SFD(Software Freedom Day). My Demo about SCILAB. SFD Conducted by ILUGC (Indian Linux User Group) at Chrompet MIT Campus -Chennai.

     Morning  9.00 'O' clock,events were starting.People come with group by group for each stall ,all are explained well with presentation and live demos.After 11.00AM we taken Tea and also we started demos.At the end of afternoon we closed stalls Half an Hour and then we started our demos. At theEnd of this demos Mr.Srinivasan gave Books and CD,s For participants




Vel's University Workshop on 5-8-2011:

I Was go to Vel's University to attend Oneday Workshop(Opensoft workshop) with My friends Kalaimani,Mohanraj,Murali,Raghupathi and pachayappas college friend Balaji. In This Workshop discussed about Opensource Technology and Oppertunities in Opensouce to achive Students

The Workshop started 10.45AM exactly,They give Intro about Linux OS and its advantages,And before lunch they explained upto what are the Languages are using in linux like PHP,Python,Ruby,PERL, etc and GSOC(Google Summer Of Code)

They explained about job oppertunities in Linux like both in Admin and programming side etc......

Finally Quiz programme was conducted,more students want to participate in that but they select only 25 , I also selected in it. They saparate a 25 into 5 Teams.I was in First Team,They was ask 5 Questions for each Team but we answered only 3 Questions and 1 passed question.So we got 3rd Prize but they provide prizes only First two.

CARTE BLANCHE ‘ X  On 27-2-2011 & 28-2-2011

The students of MIT, Chennai conducted the event called

This is the event which is based on the open source; This event held on 27 & 28th of feburary 2010 at MIT campus,chrompet – chennai;

In that they conducted many events based on the open source like FOSS QUIZ, Short FOSS video contest, etc.,

They are arranged a stalls for some of the demos based on the FOSS and so many students from various places participated and gave their demos on both day;

The Demo Stalls are :
1. Installation
2. Open Foam
3. Networking
3. Debugging
4. Multimedia
5. Scripting Languages
6. Gamming using Python
7. Gitorious & Codeiniter – videowrapper
8. Drupal & Blender
10. Demos  from Kanchi Linux User Group
12. Free Software Media

The highlight of the event is a “quries to Richard Mathew Stalman”.,yes on the first day the are arrangd a talk to R.M.S at 7.30 pm.,

Some of the Other Highlights :

1. The presence of the IUGC membes like Mr. Shri Ramadoss.,                   Mr. Bharathi., Mr. Ravi Jeya.,  Mr. Raman.

2. Demos on Open Foam , Networking & Gaming using python                   won the prizes.

3. Mr. Ramman gave the special price to Kanchi LUG.

Kanchi LUG Demo Stalls :
1. LTSP                -  Mr. Yaassir., Mr. Elango., Mr. Praveen.
2. Ruby               -  Mr. Shanmugam., Mr. Shrinivas., Ms. Priya.
3. Subversion     -  Mr. Rajkumar., Mr. Dhasthegeer., Mr. Selvamani.

Peoples who attend  the Carte Blanche ‘ X  from Kanchi LUG :
1. Mr. Logesh Prabhu
2. Mr. Vishnu
3. Mr. Selva Kumar
4. Mr. BalaKrishnan
5. Mr. Nagarajan
6. Ms. Ramya
7. Ms. Mahalakshmi
Then i presented the video Based on FOSS in tamil for the Short Foss Video Contest ant this is the link : FOSS Video.ogg

UBUNTU 10.04 Release   06-07-2010

Following the release of latest Ubuntu Linux version 10.04 at April 2010.
The vision of these parties are to share the features of Linux to the general public.

So far, Linux is in the hands of students, programmers and geeks.
Bring it to public is the need of the hour.
We, KanchiLUG team decided to celebrate a Ubuntu release party this time too, on June 6, 2010.

Here is how we celebrated 6 months ago.
Unlike last time, we hardly get time for this event as

we have 2 major activities last week.
1. Programming bootcamp
2. Release of Ubuntu Manual in Tamil

These made our days and nights busy and sleepless. :-)
But still, we had a team for organizing release party.
We approached various schools for the venue and finally got the
famous “Pachaiyappan Hr.Sec School”.
We printed pamphlet and circulated via local newspapers.
We Invited “Ramadas (amachu) ” as Chief Guest.
It was a nice evening with little drizzling.
We were busy with arranging hall, fixing projectors, banners and audio systems.
Around 3.30, the hall was getting filled with public.
At 3.45, we started.

Ramya Invited everyone.

Arulalan started with a presentation of “History of Gnu/Linux”.
Then, explained on “Open source and its concepts”.Rajkumar showed the beautiful compiz effects.

Yasir explained “Why Linux?”

Kabilan explained how Ubuntu born and how it is growingSuresh demonstrated some 3d games like openarena, torcs and tuxracer.

Balakrishnan explained that Installation is very easy and showed a demo on it.
Tea and snacks were provided in the meantime.

Malathi and Suji explained how they started their career with opensource
at their college and how students can contribute to open source.
They explained about their Tamil font creation project and
Tamil spell checker project.

The Chief Guest Ramadhas, started with his awesome speech.
He explained how the proprietary world is making us as slave.
The need of using opensource, the need of localizations etc.
People got enlighted and understood the concepts of opensource.

oncepts of opensource.


He released the Ubuntu CD and the “Ubuntu Manual in Tamil”.

Mr. Anbu and Mrs. Umamaheswari Anbu, Shakthi ITI, received on behalf of students.

Mr. Sundhar, Bank of India, received for public.
Myself explained the job opportunities in the FOSS world.
Arulalan introduced the activities of KanchiLUG.
Requested the audience to join in mailing list.
Shared the contact numbers for local support.
The Q&A session was interesting and public raised lots
of queries and we answered them all.
With National Anthem, we ended the show at 6.45 pm.
We had around 75 audience and show is a successful one.
We thank Nandha Kumar, Vignesh, Akilan, Nagaraj,
Rajeshwari, sathish, Arun who traveled from chennai
to attend this event.

You are welcome to download the Alpha version of “Ubuntu Manual” in Tamil


Still it need more fixes, we are working on that and will release a final version as soon as possible.
Here are the snaps of the event.

Fuel Tamil Meet

    (12-12-2009 & 13-12-2009)

Frequently Used Entries For Localisation (FUEL)

நாம் குனு லினக்ஸ் பணிச் சூழல்களை அன்றாடம் பயன்படுத்துகிற போது அதிகம் காண நேரிடும் சொற்களையும் சொற்றொடர்களையும் தொகுத்து அவற்றுக்கு நிகரான பிறமொழிச் சொல்லாக்க முயற்சியில் ஈடுபட்டு வருகிறது. இவை பெடோரா குழுமத்திற்கே அன்றி அனைத்து கட்டற்ற மென்பொருள்களின் மொழிபெயர்ப்பு முயற்சிகளுக்கும் பயனளிக்கக் கூடியவை. இத்திட்டம்  FUEL  என்று அழைக்கப்படுகிறது.

we sucessfully finished the FUEL  meeting on 12.12.09 & 13.12.09 at CDAC in STPI,(opp – Tidal park), Time : to
ya its gone well,
we have gone through so many suggestions on both days,
we successfully completed the  first 580 fuel entry words  translation from english to tamil with in two days.
some of the words are  so challenged for us, we also completed those words.
some of the persons are giving thier suggestions in the IRC also,
we got more supports on both days
persons who supports for FUEL :

1. Mr. M. sri Ramadass – Ubuntu Tamil Group.
2. Mr.Felix – RedHat.
3. Mr. Shrinivasan – CDAC.
4. Mr. Sudharsan – CDAC.
5. Mr. Gurumoorthi – Kumaraguru coll., coimbutore.
6. Mr. Nackeeran – Tamil Virtual University.
7. Mr. Arun – ilugc member.

some of the persons gave their suggestions via IRC :

1. Mr. Padhu – ooty.
2. Mr. Prajesh – kerala
3. Mr. Vasu – Doctor
4. Ms. Malathi – Kanchi Lug
5. Ms. Suji – Kanchi Lug
6. SSN eng col friends

KanchiLug Members :

1. Mr. RajKumar.
2. Mr. Shanmugam.
3. Mr. Bala Krishnan.
4. Mr. Praveen.
5. Mr. Nagarajan.
6. Mr. Elango
7. Mr. Yaassir Arrafath.
8. Mr. Suresh.
9. Ms. Ramya.
10. Ms. Maha Lakshmi.

To visit the fuel conversations :

1)KANCHI LUG        26-7-2009:

Hai Friends ,I am One Of the member in kanch Llinux User Group (KLUG). At starting of my 2nd year B.Tech(IT),I was join in KLUG. This is my turning point in my life.

because ,when i was come to lug ,i dont know about anything, But All LUG guys guide me step by step. Mr.Praveen and Bala first indroduce KLUG and Lug guys to me. All members BoostUp me to learn about LINUX. On the day many guys have well knowledge in LINUX and Programming Languages. With the help of members,I got more knowledge in Linux. Now I contineously using LINUX and that programmining Languages